Country profiles


Honduras is a point of origin, transit and destination for different categories of vulnerable migrants. Honduras has significant outward migration, as people attempt to migrate from the country in search of economic opportunities and improved living conditions. In addition, Honduras lies on a strategic route for irregular migrants and acts as a transit corridor for those emigrating from the region or from other continents to the United States of America. On a smaller scale, Honduras is also a destination country for labour migrants from other countries.


Kenya is a point of origin, transit and destination for different categories of vulnerable migrants. Kenya is a source of outward migration as migrants leave in search of improved economic opportunities. The country is also located on a route for irregular migrants and human smuggling. In addition, Kenya is a destination country for both regular and irregular migrants and hosts a large population of asylum seekers and refugees.


Sweden has been an important destination country for international migrants for several years and was both a destination and transit country in 2015. Around 17 per cent of the inhabitants of Sweden are international migrants. The country is an important destination for all types of vulnerable migrant groups, mainly asylum seekers, refugees and irregular migrants. As of July 2014, Sweden’s refugee population was around 114,175. Recently, the country has also been used as a transit route for asylum seekers travelling to Finland and Norway. These asylum-seekers travel to northern Sweden to enter Norway or Finland. The number of asylum seekers in Finland increased by nearly ten times between 2014 and 2015 (from around 3,000 to over 32,000) and most transited through Sweden. Although most Syrians remain in Sweden, Iraqis, Afghans and Somalis were more likely to use Sweden as a transit point in 2015.