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Peer support provided to National Societies for the purposes of advocacy on migration issues to their respective governments

Case study

In June 2015, the IFRC convened a workshop with the participation of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies from Africa and Europe. The focus was to collaborate on ways of increasing dialogue with key stakeholders to better serve the needs of migrants. One of the sessions focused on developing a common approach for collective and country-specific advocacy for the rights and dignity of migrants.

Following the workshop, the Sudanese Red Crescent engaged in successful advocacy on migration with their government with peer support from the British Red Cross. The Sudanese Red Crescent worked with the British Red Cross to develop a theory of change on advocacy. They took national level issues into consideration and mapped where the Sudanese Red Crescent could add value and provide specific recommendations. The Sudanese Red Crescent then engaged in private advocacy which contributed to the formation of a High Ministerial Council on Migration by the Sudanese government.

Following the success, the Sudanese Red Crescent has continued to build its capacities and has set more ambitious advocacy targets, including developing an evidence base. There is also a need to be positioned as a voice in migration, which will be achieved by joining the High Ministerial Council. Moving forward, the Sudanese Red Crescent is considering advocating for a technical committee to be set up as part of the High Council on Migration to implement its decisions, and then to push to develop a National Migration Policy.

Other examples
Assessment of impact and reach

After advocacy from the Sudanese Red Crescent, the government agreed to set up a High Council on Migration.

Cost per beneficiary
Alignment with policy

Design. [P1] Advocacy is focused on improving policy conditions to improve the lives of vulnerable migrants. [P4] Advocacy is geared towards protecting migrant rights.

  • This is a new area of focus for many National Societies but the issues are complex – there is a real challenge for National Societies to be able to focus on the key problem to be addressed by their advocacy.
Lessons learned
  • The Sudanese Red Crescent demonstrates that technical support is required to encourage National Societies to engage in advocacy.
  • Peer support provided by the British Red Cross, who are known for their strength in advocacy, helped enhance and capitalize on the Sudanese Red Crescent’s efforts.
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