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A coalition of actors join forces to advocate together on an issue. The group operates on the assumption that campaigns that combine voices and send a common message to government are more likely to influence policy change.

Case study

In the United States, a coalition of NGOs formed a working group to advocate to the US government on several issues related to migration and displacement in the Northern Triangle. The fifteen NGOs involved are: the Centre for Justice and International Law, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, the Guatemala Human Rights Commission, HIAS, the International Rescue Committee, the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States, Kids in Need of Defense, the Latin America Working Group, Lutheran World Relief, Oxfam America, Save the Children USA, the Scalibrinian International Migration Network, the Washington Office on Latin America, the Women’s Refugee Commission, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.

These NGOs advocate on several issues including: (a) the improvement of safety and protection mechanisms for migrants in Mexico and Central America along borders; (b) resettlement; (c) repatriation and reintegration programmes; and (d) the protection of human rights in US foreign assistance strategies to address the root causes of migration. The group has summarized key elements for the US government to consider in addressing migration in the region and provided specific policy recommendations. Recommendations are shared via letters to stakeholders, statements to government agencies, and briefings.

Other examples
Assessment of impact and reach
Cost per beneficiary
Alignment with policy

Design. [P1] Focus on the needs and vulnerabilities of migrants;

Implementation. [P4] Recognizes the rights of migrants to receive fair treatment in countries of destination and along the migratory trail.

Lessons learned
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